I’m Caroline.  I’m 45 and I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the north coast of Scotland, with my husband, dogs, horses and sheep.

As we don’t have what you’d call a fast-moving property market up here (it’s not uncommon for a house to take two years or more to sell) and we don’t have a huge population (imagine an area the same size as Belgium, but with 234,000 people living in it instead of 11.35 million – and more than a fifth of those are in Inverness!), so following a lifelong ambition to get into renovating was always going to be tricky.  Thankfully a little road trip route called the North Coast 500 came along, which gave me the perfect excuse to buy the type of house I really love (old croft houses, preferably in need of lots of work) – they don’t stack up as normal renovate-to-lets, but work absolutely beautifully as renovate-to-holiday lets.


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