Despite it being busy again work-wise, I have started plastering the final bedroom!!  I’ve nearly caught up with Mick, who still hasn’t finished plasterboarding the dormer window in that room, but we had a more urgent job today – finishing off the fencing for the garden so it was clear where the boundary was when the surveyor comes to measure it tomorrow.  Graeme and his team had done two sides of it, but I’d asked them to leave the third, because it was going to be formed from us rebuilding the old wooden fanks (sheep handling system) which had collapsed.

The remaining rails were hammered back into place and new fenceposts put in where needed.

Et voila!  We still need to re-do the rest of it.  The sheep will come in through the gate at the front of the picture and there’ll be another gate at the far end of this and possibly a gate in the middle so it can be split in two if needed.  There’s a gate into the enclosed pen to the left and that will be narrowed so it tapers to one sheep’s width (a race) for dosing/treating/injecting them one at a time.  There’ll be a guillotine gate at the end of that, operated by a rope, so one person can keep sheep flowing through the race without having to move, and then we’ll make another holding pen at the other end of the race, so sheep can go through it in either direction.

Reverse angle.

Everything’s got a bit overgrown around the front as well.

However, a few neighbours wandered past and decided to give us a hand!  (Not sure where they came from, there shouldn’t be any sheep loose in the village at the moment, but grateful for the chomping.)

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