My name’s Caroline and I’m a house hoarder.

Well, not yet I’m not, as at the moment I only own the one house, but I’ve had an offer verbally accepted on another which means I’m hopefully at the start of a long-held ambition to make a living out of buying, renovating and renting houses.

Of course, this would be significantly more straightforward if I still lived in Bristol (or Reading or Cambridge or Croydon, where I’ve also lived), but no, I had to wait to get cracking with this until I’d moved to one of the more remote places on the UK mainland – I live on the north coast of Scotland, 26 miles from the nearest town, nearly 100 miles from the nearest town with what you might call a normal high street.  Slap bang on the edge of nowhere.

It’s undeniably a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful place to live, but the housing market is slow-moving and flat, the rental market is virtually non-existent and it’s quite common for a house to take one or two years (or even longer) to sell.

So this experiment of mine could quite possibly go horribly, hideously wrong.  Grab some popcorn, get comfy on the sofa and come and join me as I find out whether my long-held dream is going to turn into a nightmare!

2 thoughts on “Diary of a wannabe house hoarder

  1. Oh I had no idea you’d lived in Cambridge! I’m just outside of Ely.

    The idea of renovating houses is so appealing – all those episodes of Homes Under The Hammer are to blame.

    • Oh really? Cool! I moved there after university, to go and work for KPMG as a graduate trainee. I started in a studio flat on Chesterton Road with a drug-addict landlord who lived in a flat round the back of the house, then moved into a bungalow sharing with some friends out on Fen Road next to the gypsy camp (couldn’t get a taxi or a pizza delivery to that address for love nor money) and finally ended up living in Castle Camps, near Haverhill, before moving to Croydon. If I ever end up moving back to England, Orchard Street in Cambridge would be pretty high on my list of possible places to go – assuming there was a house for sale in budget at the time!

      I’m a Homes Under The Hammer addict too, though I’ve had to stop watching it over breakfast, because I inevitably end up watching it through to the end and getting behind before I’ve started the day.

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