Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t speak, but I think we’re nearly there.  We’re down to ONE outstanding query with the seller’s solicitor, which they’re looking into, and my solicitor has asked me to deposit funds with them so that they’re ready to transfer them once it’s been resolved satisfactorily.

Village marketwatch – next door has gone up for sale.  It’s a little bigger than Ethel’s House with better outbuildings, similar views and 29 acres, and it’s been valued on the home report at £235,000, which is very cheering.  They’ve done a fabulous job of decorating it inside though, I’m not sure I’ll quite achieve the same finish, but I’m going to try.

And going to be nosey at their home report has a downside, as I think I’ve found project number 2.  If it’s still up for sale by the time Ethel’s House is done, then I will definitely be going to have a look at it (though you can guess what sort of condition it’s in by the fact that it’s being advertised in the ‘land’ section and is on at offers over £45,000!!).


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