The new fence is in and as we’d hoped, it’s really opened up the view at the front of the house now those wooden bars have gone.

The guys have also hung the gates for us.  I just need to get some bolts so they can be locked into the ground, meaning you can open one and leave the other shut, and a loop catch (I’m sure there’s a proper name for it!) to go over the top.  Oh, and to paint them green, of course!

Since the fencing crew has been working in some vile weather, I’ve kept them well-fuelled.  The favourite has been these homemade hobnobs!

2 thoughts on “A better view

    • It’s a bit easier than cake when they’re working on fencing 🙂 Hopefully they’ll be back later in the year to put up an agricultural shed for me and I can break out the cake properly. They kindly took the remaining lemon drizzle away with them when they came to collect the machinery on Wednesday, as my no-sugar willpower was beginning to wobble!

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