Well, that didn’t quite go as planned.  Storm Caroline arrived earlier than expected, and after I got pinned against the field gate with two buckets of horse feed until the gusts dropped sufficiently for me to open it, we decided to abandon the idea of trying to get the coffee table into the car on health and safety grounds.  The electricals were loaded up and we went down the road, only to find that the power was off at that end of the village.

This was a problem, because (a) I still needed to hoover and (b) the sky was so grey that there wasn’t enough natural light to take interiors.  So we zoomed back home, rang SSE to report the fault (who, I have to say, have been absolutely excellent at getting it sorted and keeping me informed of progress) and then rang Annie, the Scottish Cottages area representative, to see if she still wanted to come up or whether it would be better for her to turn back.  She said since she was only 20 minutes away she might as well come on up and we could at least get all the paperwork done and do the grading.

So the upshot is that we’re all signed up, Ethel’s House will be going live on their website in about a fortnight (if I can take good enough pictures myself) and will be available for guests from 1st March next year (which gives me a chance to get a few friends to stay in it and tell me what I’ve missed), and I am the proud owner of a 4* (and apparently a high 4*) holiday cottage 🙂

3 thoughts on “Caroline causes chaos

  1. Pick me! Pick me!! Oh wait, California is too far away to make that a reality And we will be getting our house ready for summer rental during that time anyway. Sigh.

    • Trust me, you would not like our weather!! I’ve been bringing hay down from the barn at Ethel’s to home this morning and it took thick tights (pantyhose), fleece-lined winter walking trousers, waterproof overtrousers, a sleeveless t-shirt, a long-sleeved polo neck, a rugby shirt, a padded gilet and an insulated coat for me not to feel the cold!

      • Lol!! I know. I’m romanticising it a bit. Living in Northern California we do get a bit of weather in the winter months and the occasional frost down here by the coastal area. But nothing like you are dealing with. I grew up in Denmark so I know rain, cold, wind, rain, snow, wind and did I mention wind??

        The house looks cozy though. Imagining a fire in the stove, a blanket, a cuppa and a good book, looking out at the sea

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