I have the keys!

Well, most of the keys anyway – keys for two of the byre padlocks are on the set held by the solicitor, who is posting them to me, but the previous owner’s daughter met me at the house today to hand her set over.  She’s lovely and has offered to give me all the historical paperwork she has relating to the house, which was built by her family – very, very kind of her.

I have had to work flat out most of today, so no chance to stay down there for too long and take photos, but I promise to do a photo-heavy update over the weekend.  Pete the Roofer is stopping by on Sunday morning to give me the benefit of his expert eye on the inside of the house, so that’ll be an interesting morning.

I’ve also been offered a free kitten.  Not something I had on the list, to be fair, but we did discuss getting a barn cat for pest control in the byres and my neighbour’s hunter-killer Bengal is having a surprise litter to an anonymous local moggy in the next few days, so it looks like the mouse control is sorted anyway.

5 thoughts on “Go, go, go!!!

  1. Hi. I found your blog…..love it and will be following you from now on. Agree with your husband’s comments about the hot tub. It’s going to be fab and I shall follow your journey with great interest. You have inspired me to start my own blog.

    • Thanks Eve! I have finally managed to get some video, which I’m about to post, so you can see the front of the house and why I’m still a bit undecided about it :o)

  2. I’ve just discovered you via the croods and I’m loving your blog already 🙂 congrats on the new house , I’m looking forward to reading more tomorrow when I can get to the computer haha xx

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