so I’m half-expecting it to go wrong somewhere!

I am obviously jinxed when it comes to this particular institution!!  On Friday I received a letter from them.

“Dear Mrs J,

We have been unable to verify your signature.  If you still wish to continue with the encashment, please visit a branch or call us on the below number.”

I’m paraphrasing a bit, they sent me a whole side of A4, but basically I think the problem stems from the fact that I was Mrs H when this account was opened and despite me having sent them a request to change my name with accompanying documentation on no less than five separate occasions by recorded delivery (they eventually changed it on the fifth attempt), they hadn’t kept a copy of my new signature.

Fortunately for them, there is a branch in the nearest town, 26 miles away, after they bought a chain of building societies a few years back, otherwise I’d have been driving the 100 miles to Inverness on Saturday morning, swearing all the way (as I had to do three times when the Inverness branch failed to pass on the documentation they’d certified for the change of address the Croydon branch had told me before I moved I could do in writing and didn’t require any certified docs…see why I was nervous?).

That said, they seem to have had a bit of a turnaround in customer service over the past few years (or maybe it’s because they kept on the original building society staff!), but I produced my passport, driving licence, most recent bank statement and, just for good measure, my decree absolute to prove that I used to be married to a man with the surname I’d signed with to open the account, it was all faxed through to the Premium Investments office and I have a fax receipt that says they received it correctly, so fingers crossed.  I might just give them a quick ring tomorrow to make sure, though…

4 thoughts on “I knew it!!

    • How to embarrass yourself in one easy lesson – I rang the bank this morning to check everything had been received okay and they replied with a slightly puzzled, ‘Er, we CHAPS’d it on Monday, is it not in your account??’ I’m so used to things going wrong with them that I hadn’t thought to look first and, sure enough, there’s a little under £91,000 in there that wasn’t there on Saturday! Full steam ahead 🙂

      • Great news Caroline! I most definitely would have done exactly the same as you. As you say, full steam ahead. Look forward to following your progress 🙂

        • Thanks, Amanda! There’s one more possible minor hiccup, regarding a little strip of land at the top of one of the fields, but my solicitor is on the case and hopefully it won’t be an issue 🙂

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