Dear Internet, please sense-check my kitchen plan!  Click the link below to open up a PDF of my drawing.

Kitchen scale drawing

The crossed units are the wall units.  Annoyingly, a sheet of A4 was 2cm too small to do it at 1:10, so I had to do it at 1:12 and the morning after my brain is still hurting from the maths!  I thought I had some graph paper as well, but no.  Manuscript paper a-plenty if you want me to write you a tune at any point…

Anyway, if I’ve done anything particularly stupid with the layout, PLEASE let me know – I’ll be getting feedback from my electrician and my joiner as well as, hopefully, Howdens when I get them to price it up for me.  I know the wall units don’t match up with the base units on the sink side, but I love that plate rack so much that I wanted to fit it in somehow.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen design

  1. Hi Caroline, this looks well planned. A kitchen designer would keep on about the work triangle. I am sure at howdens they maybe able to help more. Love the wine area

    • Thanks very much! Apparently Howdens does have a kitchen design service, so I’ll be giving them a ring to book myself in for some advice 🙂

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