So we’re pretty much there with stripping out the upstairs – you can now see right the way through from one end to the other.
156 armadale - bedroom one - 14

Last of the panelling gone.

156 armadale - bedroom one - 15

Someone left us a message from when the windows were done!  Coincidentally, that’s my husband’s birthday and the year we moved to the village.

156 armadale - kitchen - 7

That’s two more window seats for the kitchen then 😀

156 armadale - kitchen - 8

And a VERY old copy of the Press & Journal twisted up blocking a draft.

156 armadale - misc - newspaper

It is starting to dawn on me that in a few months’ time I am going to have to decorate and furnish this house and I have no idea what I want to do with it.  Time to hit up RightMove and Pinterest for some ideas, I think.

One good piece of news, I had a revised council tax bill through yesterday – seems that they’ve decided to grant me the 50% discount after all.  Thank you very much, Highland Council!

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