So, with the best part of £100,000 burning a hole in my bank account, it’s probably not the safest time for me to be browsing the Scottish property auctions, but sometimes I like to live dangerously 😉

A bit out of my area, but still in the Highlands, is this 3.5 hectare site with a former military bunker/command centre in Poolewe.


It’s got lapsed planning permission for four villas (Scottish for detached house) and has a guide price of £100,000 – but not one if you don’t like midges, its position on the west coast practically guarantees clouds of them in the right weather!

The Flotta cottage from August is back in, at a slightly increased guide of £20,000, as is the Wick shop with a slightly reduced guide of £36,000.


4 thoughts on “More auction properties

  1. OMG Caroline, the property prices are amazing! Especially when I compare them to the cost of what we are paying for a house extension that we are about to embark on (the builders start in 2 weeks!). And, such glorious views they have too. What fabulous projects they would be – I’ll be day dreaming about them all day 🙂

    • What area of the country are you in, Amanda? When we moved here in 2008 we did almost a straight swap for a one-bed flat in Croydon for a 3-bed detatched house plus separate 1-bed annexe plus 3 acres plus amazing sea views and direct access onto the beach from the bottom field – it really is a different market altogether and probably means we can never move back to the south of England! Good luck with the extension, hope it’s not too chaotic 🙂

      • We are in Ascot, Berkshire and my husband commutes into London for work. You’re quite right, it really is a different market altogether 🙂 How wonderful to do an almost straight swap, you must have been in seventh heaven moving to a 3 bed detached house with amazing views etc! Would you ever want to move back to the south of England, it sounds as tho’ you have an idyllic lifestyle?

        We’re having a side and front extension, which shouldn’t be too chaotic until they have to break into our existing house. My husband is a structural engineer, so he has designed the extension and will oversee the work. I work from home, so that’ll be interesting.

        Pleased to read that you’re getting there with the sheep.

        Hope you hear some news on ‘Ethel’s house’ this week – fingers crossed for you! 🙂

        • Ah, I like Berkshire – I spent three years at university in Reading 🙂 Ascot’s lovely, but yes, expensive!

          There are some things that I really do miss about living in the south – being 20 minutes from Gatwick for weekends away in Europe (now it’s a whole day just to get out of the UK), high street shops (my nearest normal high street is Inverness, 2.5 hours’ drive each way) and access to theatres, cinemas, concerts etc. etc. etc. But I don’t miss the hordes of people or the traffic jams or the pollution or paying the best part of £10,000 a year to keep a horse on livery, so on balance I think I’d prefer to stay up here and just put up with the extra travel when I want to do any of the things I miss 🙂

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