Latest mortgage update yesterday, for all those crossing their fingers, is that the forecast is currently being considered by head office.  However, they’ve confirmed that it is the final hurdle, so if it’s approved then we’ll be given a mortgage offer in principle.

I’ve been trying to forget about it and get on with the painting.  It took two and a half hours to get into all the little pockets at the top and bottom of the tongue and groove with a tiny brush.  (Sorry, I am still unable to get WordPress to display portrait photos in portrait – I can go to Edit and Rotate and then they refuse to save.  They’re the correct way up before I upload them!)

And then it still needed another coat, damn it!  But it was worth it – I reckon it looks pretty good.  Colours, while I remember, are Crown – Milk Bottle on the ceiling and woodwork, and Crown Period Collection – Promenade on the wall.  It’s a pretty good Farrow and Ball imitation and while it doesn’t have quite that same depth and warm that F&B does, it makes up for it by being £18 for 2.5l instead of £43.59(!).

Certainly a vast improvement on a year ago!

All that’s left to do in that room now is (a) touch up the spots where the masking tape took the green paint off; (b) Dougie to fit the smoke alarm and TV/phone socket; (c) David to fit the door; (d) get carpet laid and furnish it (including a blind for the Velux).

In other news, one of Mick’s colleagues was selling an oak coffee table, did we want it for £100?  Yes please, especially since the drawer handles match the ones I’m using in the kitchen!  (I know where it came from and I think it cost him closer to £300.)

4 thoughts on “Nearly finished a room!

  1. Good luck with the mortgage. An exciting if nerve wracking time! The room is vastly improved, and the colour scheme so far looks brilliant. A very brave colour, and the panelling makes it look high quality. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, Sarah! Still waiting to hear, I’m going to have no nails left soon…

      Love your website; I’m from the south-west originally and would love to invest down there in the future, so may be in touch at some point 🙂

  2. This room is looking fantastic, the green paint is a lovely colour. Would be interesting to know what else you have done to this attic room, particularly with regards to the roof itself and the insulation. The before and after photographs are really inspiring. It’s always brilliant to see such impressive renovations. Thanks for sharing your progress!

    • Thanks, Francesca! Externally the roof was completely re-slated, replacing composites with proper slate, and the rooflight was replaced with a conservation-style Velux. Inside we insulated the entire roof with 100mm Quinn Therm and all external walls with 70mm Quinn Therm and then finished with foil-backed plasterboard. We have the underfloor heating set to maintain the house at 14C, but over this summer, even with weather that’s barely broken 12C a lot of the time, the house has maintained an internal temperature of around 18C. The insulation in total cost us around £2,000, but I think it’s going to pay for itself fairly quickly in terms of lower heating bills.

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