The new windows and door are in and the house is a little warmer and drier for winter 🙂

156 armadale - outside - 39

The bathroom window in particular has made a huge difference to the amount of light in the room.

156 armadale - bathroom - 6

They’ve made a beautiful job of the door – the old, rotten frame has been completely removed and replaced with a new one that matches the dark green of the door.  Unfortunately they’ve sent the wrong lower panel for the door, it should be an Edwardian-style two-panel instead of a plain one, but they assure me they’re looking into it and it will be corrected.

156 armadale - outside - 38

One thing I must remember to do today is change the key that’s hidden down there so that the tradesmen can come and go at their own convenience – at the moment it’s the old door key there, so if David or Dougie turns up and I’m out, they’re stumped.

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