This is not one of my better looks – you know it’s gone badly wrong when the selfie mode on your phone can’t identify a face!!

selfie - 2

You can do a cracking Darth Vader impression in that breathing mask though 🙂  I decided to take a brush to the walls to get as much plaster dust off as possible – one of the reasons the plasterboard in the kitchen and living room was damp at the bottom is because over the years the lime plaster behind it had crumbled off the wall and filled in the gap between wall and plasterboard, making a nice absorbent bridge for any moisture to work its way through.

Anyway, it’s all swept up into rubble sacks, waiting to go to the tip (we have an old Mitsubishi L200, which is tough as old boots, but even it starts to sag if we put more than 10 bags of rubble in the back!) and we’re pretty much good to go with the professionals next week.

Dougie the electrician called in today to see how things were going and to find out when David the joiner would be on site.  When he heard that Pete was hoping to start next week and would have David around, he said he’d stop by too and put in a temporary power supply for them, as it would be safer for them to work with than the existing power.  Hopefully next week we’re going to start making giant strides forwards.

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