Weather permitting (we’re due 70mph here with snow), Scottish Cottages will be here in the morning to take photographs and thankfully, after a long stint this evening hanging pictures and making beds, we have something for them to photograph.

The landscapers turned up yesterday and have made really good progress.  They’ll be back first thing with one final load of gravel and then we can put the old flagstone path to the front door back down.

That’s Dougie’s van in the first picture, he’s been here all day and as a result the final light is up in the living room, all the sockets are in, all the pendant lights are in and all the smoke alarms and CO2 alarm are installed and tested.

I’ve shopped like no-one’s business over the past couple of days.  Yesterday I went into town, paid for the carpets, spent £550 on plates, glasses, cutlery and kitchen equipment in Tesco, £370 at CLB (Caithness Livestock Breeders, our local agricultural store, who have a wonderful homeware and clothing section as well) on four wool rugs and four pictures, and a final £85 at Serendipity (local ironmonger/garden centre/homewares) on a log basket, fire irons and a doormat.  Today I picked up all my lampshades and cushions from Just Wright Crafts to add to my wonderful gin bottle lamp bases I found on Etsy and finally I think I can say we’re looking close to finished.

Still to do in the morning – take the coffee table, TV, microwave, kettle and toaster down the road, along with a selection of books for the shelf on the landing, bake cookies, stick some logs in the log basket, put the crockery on the kitchen shelves, touch up any really obvious bits of paintwork, hoover throughout and clean the downstairs windows.

5 thoughts on “Stick a fork in it, it’s done (nearly!)

    • Thank you 🙂 No plans to stop blogging – firstly, the bathroom isn’t done yet, secondly, my husband wants to retire early, so that means I need to do a lot more of these!! We’re already on the lookout for the next one.

  1. Looks amazing are you hoping to rent it out for Christmas and New Year? Well done for getting this far and please don’t stop blogging.

    • Thank you 🙂 The blog will keep going, there are plenty more houses up here in need of some TLC, and we’re on the lookout for the next project. The bathroom isn’t finished yet, so we need to get that tiled and some doors put on, and then we’ve got family staying in it (hopefully) to give it a test drive between Christmas and New Year. Though given that our roof tiles are currently being stripped off at home by Storm Caroline, we might be moving into it ourselves for a few days if enough of the roof vanishes!

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