Working holiday

One of the things my husband chides me about on a regular basis is my inability to switch off.  I’m writing this post from the balcony of a hotel in the Indian Ocean, where I’ve spent a happy couple of hours leafing through the LHH brochure I picked up in departures at Inverness Airport.


Looking at other people’s holiday homes is proving to be a great way of getting inspiration for decorating mine. For example, I knew I wanted to do half-height tongue and groove panelling in all the upstairs rooms, as a nod to their original panelled state.  Mick’s never been quite sure about it, but this picture has convinced him it’ll work:


I really like the idea of the wine rack TV stand:


And this is exactly what I want for the kitchen table:


Hopefully when we get home David will have been able to get a couple of days in, but for now I’m going to stop worrying about it and go back to enjoying the view 🙂