Now that’s a marketing shot!

So I think I can add another plus point to all the wonderful reasons that a potential holiday-maker might want to visit Ethel’s House when it’s done – I got a tip-off from a friend on Facebook that the Northern Lights were strong tonight (they were apparently amazing last night, but we had cloud), so popped down the road with my camera just on the off chance that I could get a good shot of them with Ethel’s House in the foreground.  I now can’t feel my fingers, but I think it was worth it!

Ethel's House - aurora-March 2016

Note to self: I must take some in June as well, when it’s still light at midnight, although they won’t be anywhere near as spectacular as this one.

The waiting game

This is the bit I like least about buying a house.  You’ve found the place, arranged the finance, had your offer accepted – and then everything grinds to a halt while the solicitors do their thing.

Matters haven’t been helped by my solicitor coming back from holiday today and me going away tomorrow morning.  Thank goodness for email, at least if anyone comes up while I’m away I’ll be able to reply to it immediately.

In the meantime I shall just have to be patient a little longer.  There’s the most amazing display of the northern lights up here tonight; clearly visible to the naked eye.  Watching them dance from the study window makes my fretting about delays seem pretty insignificant really 🙂